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Francis Pilkington

F I R S T   B O O K E   O F
Songs or Ayres of 4.parts:

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XVI. Down a down, Thus Phillis sung.


   Down a down, Thus Phillis sung, by Fancie once oppressed, 
   Who so by foolish Loue are stong, Are worthely distressed, 
   And so sing I with a down, with a down a down a down.


   When Loue was first begot, and by the mothers will, 
   Did fall to humane lot, his solace to fulfill, 
   Deuoid of all deceit, a chast and holy fire, 
   Did quicken mans conceit, and womens brest inspire. 
   The Gods that saw the good, that mortals did approue, 
   With kinde and holy moode, began to talke of loue. 
                                     Chorus.     Downe a downe,&c.

   2   But during this accord, a wonder strange to heare 
   Whilst loue in deed and word, most faihfull did appeare : 
   False semblance came in place, by Ielocie attended, 
   And with a double face, both loue and fancie blended, 
   Which made the gods forsake, and men from fancie flie, 
   And maidens scorne a mate, forsooth and so will I. 
                                     Chorus.     Downe a downe,&c.



Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer