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B O O K E   O F

P h i l i p   R o s s e t e r


21. Come let vs sound with melodie.

       Come let vs sound with melody the praises
       Of the kings king, th'omnipotent creator,
       Author of number, that hath all the world in
                     Harmonie framed.

       Heau'n is his throne perpetually shining,
       His deuine power and glorie thence he thunders,
       One in all, and all still in one abiding,
                     Both Father, and Sonne.

       O sacred sprite inuisible, eternall,
       Eu'ry where, yet vnlimited, that all things
       Canst in one moment penetrate, reuiue me
                     O holy Spirit.

       Rescue, O rescue me from earthly darknes,
       Banish hence all these elementall obiects,
       Guide my soule, that thirsts, to the liuely Fountaine
                     Of thy deuinenes.

       Cleanse my soule, O God, thy bespotted Image,
       Altered with sinne, so that heau'nly purenes
       Cannot acknowledge me but in thy mercies
                     O Father of grace.

       But when once thy beames do remoue my darknes,
       O then I'le shine forth as an Angell of light,
       And record with more than an earthly voice thy
                     Infinite honours.

Words and music by Thomas Campion


Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer