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B O O K E   O F

P h i l i p   R o s s e t e r


5. My loue hath vowed.

       My loue hath vowd hee will forsake mee,
       And I am alreadie sped.
       Far other promise he did make me,
       When he had my maiden head.
       If such danger be in playing,
       And sport must to earnest turne,
       I will go no more a maying.

       Had I foreseene what is ensued,
       And what now with paine I proue,
       Vnhappie then I had eschewed,
       This vnkind euent of loue,
       Maides foreknow their owne vndooing,
       But feare naught till all is done,
       When a man alone is wooing.

       Dissembling wretch to gaine thy pleasure,
       What didst thou not vow and sweare ?
       So didst thou rob me of the treasure,
       Which so long I held so deare,
       Now thou prou'st to me a stranger,
       Such is the vile guise of men,
       When a woman is in danger.

       That hart is neerest to misfortune,
       That will trust a fained toong,
       When flattring men our loues importune,
       They entend vs deepest wrong,
       If this shame of loues betraying,
       But this once I cleanly shun,
       I will go no more a maying.

Words and music by Thomas Campion


Online text copyright ©, Harald Lillmeyer