Search / Browse by first line -- HELP

1. please note, that this search is only supported by Microsoft IE
    (with active javascript)
    (sorry, but I don't know another way; if you do, please tell me !)
2. The search is not case sensitive !
    A* and a* brings you the same results
3. I always kept the original spelling:
    loue instead of love
    eies (sometimes !) for eyes / try both !
4. Try v* to get all songs beginning with
    "u" (vncertaine) or "v" (view)
5. *light* will result:
    a) all first lines where the word "light" is included
    b) or is component of a word (delight, lighten")
6. Note that - because of the complete first line - only
    " When to her lute* " will bring you the wanted result
7. Try *Beaut* for all beauty, beautie and beauties