Art of Ingrid Kamerbeek and WEBISM Group Artists

Ingrid Kamerbeek is a Waldkirchen-based artist working together with her artist friends and colleagues all around the globe for peace and global understanding. Dr. Chang discovered her image "He is Gone" which she created in 2001 after the early death of her most beloved Beatle George Harrison. Dr. Chang asked for permission to exhibit this artwork in the real life art show at the EHCC Museum of Big Island Hawaii. That was the beginning of a worldwide teamwork and led to the "Webism Group of Worldwide Artists".

Pygoya about Ingrid Kamerbeek:

"Born in 1952 in Gummersbach, Germany. Currently lives in the romantic area of Bavaria. The beautiful landscape not only attracts many foreign tourists worldwide but also provides inspiration for Kamerbeek's art.

After high school the artist embarked on a very special education in graphic arts through tutelage and apprenticeship with her grandfather and father, two previous family generations of professional painters.

Kamerbeek owned galleries in Kaarst near Düsseldorf (1978 - 1980) and in Mönchengladbach (1980 - 1982) before creating her own web site which assists other cyberartists to gain exposure for their work. A true inspirational leader and motivator for the cyberarts.

Much art exhibiting, on earth and in cyberspace. One of her works, "Global Consciousness", was inducted recently into the online Cyberculture Art Museum.

The artist finds time to maintain the position of Co-coordinator for East Hawaii Cultural Center's International Cyberart World Tour and Coordinator of".


Dr. Rodney Chang, also known as Pygoya to the cyberworld, is a dentist, a dancer and a cyberartist who has also worked for a long time with the traditional/manual tools as painter, sculptor, ceramist, photographer.

He has held numerous exhibitions in various Museums and Galleries world wide. He turned to computer art in 1985 quite by chance through a friend and has since established an international reputation which makes him a truly “legendary” figure in this field. He holds some ten degrees, five Masters, two doctorates; he is featured in Who’s Who in the World and Who’s Who in America. His energy seems to know no limits, constantly engaged in expanding the horizons of cyberart. He is also the Director of Truly Virtual Web Art Museum ( a site which in itself is a mine of information and insights into computer art.

- Dr. Fernanda Steele about Pygoya in February 2002 -

PYGOYA'S famous website with nearly 1,000 visitors daily:

Image below:
Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya) and Ingrid Kamerbeek in November 2003 in Vienna during their 1st European Art Tour which led from Frankfurt via Sonthofen to Vienna and Budapest.

I am a third generation artist. I was born into art. It's like breathing to me. I do oils, pastels, acrylics, etc. - all that traditional stuff. In 1999 I discovered the computer as art tool and made that amazing new tool one of my many different working materials. I love to work "Mixed Media" and to experiment and enjoy working on- and offline with the amazing artists of the "Webism Group of Worldwide Artists". This group has artists from all fields of art. It is a wonderful community working together not only for art but also for peace and understanding worldwide.